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Québec sait faire…

Together we can make a difference.

GoPür in partnership with Cidrerie C.E. Petch want to give back.

As producers of environmentally sustainable, healthy, and innovative fruit-based beverages for your entire family, we would like to make our modest contribution to our collective battle against the Covid virus.

Clean hands are arguably the first line of defence, so we have produced a limited introductory edition of 2,000 473 ml refillable bottles of our sanitizer, formulated to meet World Health Organization 80% alcohol content virus protection criteria, for free distribution to "our heroes" - the thousands of dedicated individuals who are daily volunteering their lives to enable all of us to continue to function - health-care workers - first responders - truck drivers - delivery men and women - store personnel - police and fire teams etc.

We realize that our effort is a drop-in-the-bucket.

But drops converge into oceans and we felt compelled to add our small part to the stream hoping that our gesture will help motivate and empower our fellow Québecers as we fight to defeat Covid.

Simply visit to direct a limited edition bottle of our hand sanitizer to the heroes in your neighborhood. We will ensure prompt delivery - all free-of-charge- with your name as the sender.

Québec sait faire, encore!

About GoPür

GoPür markets an evolving menu of organic and environmentally sensitive ciders, sparkling fruit juices, beers, wines and ready-to-drink distilled spirits products under its private labels Cidrerie Om and Great Cider.

About C.E.Petch

For four generations the Petch family has been producing apples, pears and plums in the town of Hemmingford in the heart of the Montérégie. In 2017, C.E. Petch opened the doors to their Cidery and have since devoted themselves to producing superior quality apple beverages.